Alpha Scotland encourages collaborative working at Glasgow Kelvin College

Furniture specialist Alpha Scotland has completed a ‘flexible learning centre’ for Glasgow Kelvin College.

The firm was asked to help transform the space at the college’s Easterhouse Campus to encourage students to work collaboratively.

Mobile, foldable tables were used to allow the environment to be adapted easily and bright, quirky colours were chosen to reinforce the organisation’s brand and inject life into a previously uninspiring room.

Booths with integrated light and power sockets allow for more concentrated working and quiet study in the area which can accommodate a maximum of 40 people.

Alpha Scotland’s Lynn Dalling said: “Our company does a great deal of work in the education sector and it’s always satisfying to be involved in creating a place where people can work creatively and effectively. There is no doubt that where we work has a big impact on the work we produce.”

Margaret Cairns from Glasgow Kelvin College added: “We were aware that we needed a comfortable, engaging learning space for students and Alpha Scotland has helped us to do just that.

“The area has become a hub for students during the day, as well as providing excellent facilities for local youth groups in the evenings. We’re really delighted with the results.”