“The Gilchrist Postgraduate Club is the central hub for both Post Graduate students and staff to socialise and study. The University of Glasgow approached Alpha with the idea of redesigning the space in the hope of encouraging students to utilise the space in the evenings. In order to achieve this an industrial theme was proposed and achieved through the use of various textures and natural finishes.

Within the brief we were asked to transform the current seminar room into an area that could function both as a seminar room and as an extension of the café. Through the use of flexible furniture that was comfortable and durable, Alpha created a space that catered for both needs. A selection of wall-coverings combined with rustic steel and copper finishes helped to achieve the look and feel required. As the club is also responsible for hosting events, Alpha had to ensure the furniture in the main café area was flexible and lightweight; ensuring the space can be easily reconfigured. Additional pendant and feature lighting aided in creating a space that appealed to staff members and students both within and outside of university hours.”