Alpha Scotland has had the pleasure of working with Hilton Group for a number of years.

When the Group decided to relocate its Glasgow office from Cadogan Square to West George Street, Alpha Scotland was delighted to be invited to work with the company over several months.

The move to more suitable, modern premises required Alpha to work closely with Hilton’s fantastic project team, to assist with specifications and provide high-end furniture, but to provide logistics planning, relocation services and ethical recycling for all redundant furniture.

Located over three floors, the workspace featured a wide variety of contemporary and new work settings from a number of key suppliers, including global Hilton partner, Steelcase.

The transition from static to 100% height adjustable sit stand Steelcase Migration workstations, played a significant role in supporting staff health and well-being.  Distinctive teams spaces and comfy breakout zones with supporting technology were carefully located around each floor space.  This allowed for agile working and made it simpler for staff to move around the office.

Meeting room furniture offered flexibility and style – the use of the Steelcase Potrero meeting range offered a unique aesthetic.  Practical mobile power solutions were used to create a totally flexible meeting areas which could change easily as required.

Alpha Scotland was proud to help deliver a brand new space to support Hilton’s desire to create an enhanced workspace for its employees with a focus on flexible agile working, collaboration and the establishment of an inspiring, innovative working environment.