In 2017, Total Oil made the decision to move premises from the district of Altens to Westhill in Aberdeen. The decision to do so was a paradigm-shift in workplace culture as the staff previously worked in cellular offices at Altens, so the concept of Total House in Westhill which combined agile working and collaborative furniture settings throughout the building required a carefully planned change and people-management strategy that was just as important as the huge outlay of real-estate investment.

Alpha Scotland were best placed to support this transition in a fundamental way by providing Total and its 750 employees with high quality, integrated-technology furniture solutions suited to augment a creative workplace culture and bring people together to share ideas and harness lasting relationships in light open spaces.

As well as collaborative furniture pieces, Alpha Scotland were able to provide the right kind of products to support the pioneering of a Coffee Bar, Deli Bar, and Staff Restaurant concept to create inviting spaces away from traditional working areas, which in turn have been the foundation of employee engagement and cultural buy-in.

The project required installation to be completed in a very short time span to allow the migration of staff from Altens to happen prior to the end of 2017 which Alpha Scotland were able to deliver to a very satisfied customer.